Kenton will not stand by and let David sell land without claiming his share.

Radio Times: Kenton is stirring up trouble.

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  • Phil is mending fences: he has prepared breakfast with two marmalades, Jill’s and Heather’s. As it happens he prefers Jill’s because he finds Heather’s rather sickly. Before they go off to Cheltenham for the day, he is bent on offering David and Ruth the loan of a few thousand they have tucked away, in the hope that it will stave off selling the land.
  • Debbie is unreceptive to Kenton’s invitation to go out with him and is not impressed about reports of his lap dancing escapade. He jokingly suggests moving in with her but since Debbie has just got rid of one wastrel, she is definitely not interested.
  • At Brookfield, David and Ruth are chatting about Chaba’s farewell party as they work on some repairs; they think The Bull Upstairs might be a good venue. Phil turns up with his offer, which they agree to think about. Ruth concurs that Jill has not been herself lately and hopes that the day out will buck her up. Really they think that Phil’s offer is just a drop in the ocean; David will have to tell him straight without spelling out how bad things are.
  • Kenton has paid a call on his parents, only to get an earful from Jill about the undesirability of lap bars and casinos. He points out that these jobs have accommodation thrown in, which he desperately needs right now. He decides that it is Dave’s turn to put up with him (oops, Freudian slip) put him up. Jill stamps on that idea: David and Ruth are really having a hard time – they are going to have to sell some land. Suddenly Kenton finds he has something to do …
  • … and luckily he finds Elizabeth straight away but before he asks about coming back to Lower Loxley, the answer is no. However his mission is about Dave flogging off the family silver. Aren’t they are entitled to a share if the farm is ever sold? Well part of it is being sold; Elizabeth is annoyed about not being consulted and agrees that they are entitled to shares.

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