An early birthday present for Tom should mean a green light for his business.

Radio Times: Elizabeth is on the warpath.

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  • Shula is explaining that Elizabeth and Kenton are expecting money from the sale of Midsummer Meadow. She wanted to come round to discuss it but Shula hates lying to her (yeah right). Phil is still hoping that they won’t go ahead with the deal. In the meantime, Phil is going to show Heather his secret compost recipe!
  • Peggy calls Tom on his mobile, she has made her decision. Tom is certain it is a yes. But when Peggy meets Tom she tells him she can’t find all the money he wants. She can find £10,000 though. She thinks that might be enough. Tom is thrilled. The bank will have to take him seriously now.
  • While Phil and Heather are planting seeds in the Glebe Cottage conservatory, David pops round to have a word with Phil. David still needs to go ahead with the sale – he knows how much it means to Phil but they can’t make the sums add up. He has no choice. Phil has to warn him though that Elizabeth is on the warpath.
  • Elizabeth is determined to pursue their shareholder rights. Shula doesn’t want to get involved but Elizabeth says it can’t be helped. She is involved and they should be consulted about things as major as this. Shula tries to convince her otherwise, they should be supporting them not trying to make things worse. There aren’t any profits involved, it’s just going straight back into the farm. It doesn’t matter what Shula thinks, Elizabeth says she only wants her fair share and she and Kenton aren’t giving up.

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