A family row looms – over money, of course; meanwhile Marjorie has had a fall.

Radio Times: Tempers begin to fray.

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  • Kathy and Kenton are have an evening at the Grey Gable’s swimming pool before Elizabeth’s showdown with David and Ruth. Turns out Kathy isn’t too impressed with his lap dancing exploits but she still trusts him to pick up Jamie from school. Kenton takes the opportunity to ask to move in – “just for a few weeks”.
  • Ruth is worrying about Jill’s reaction to Heather. There really seems to be a problem. Jill is not happy about the time Heather is spending with Phil. But there are more urgent things – Elizabeth and Kenton coming round for example. Neither of them can bear another family row.
  • Roy is working at Grey Gables when he finds out that Marjorie has pressed her alarm button, but there is no response when they call.
  • Elizabeth tries to make out she is not trying to make things tough for David and Ruth. If they need to raise cash that’s fine. But she does fell they should be consulted. Kenton puts it more bluntly – if there is cash on the table then some should be coming their way. David says that his interpretation is that they aren’t entitled to anything. It results in another set to. Kenton thinks its a basic family obligation – fair shares for all. But David points out they are the majority shareholders – if Elizabeth objected they could vote them down. Elizabeth storms out with Kenton on tow.
  • Roy finds Marjorie on the floor, her hip is hurting, she couldn’t contact the emergency people because the phone was not in the same room. Roy calls an ambulance straight away. She is sure she’s broken something. Roy tries to calm her – she’ll be fine!

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