Heather makes her peace with Jill; Debbie formalises hostilities with Brian.

Radio Times: There’s concern for Marjorie.

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  • Roy has phoned the hospital, Marjorie is doing as well as can be expected. Hayley is still very worried though. At least she had the alarm and that is down to Hayley.
  • Heather has found some more seed trays for Phil. Jill seems less than pleased. She makes it clear Heather isn’t welcome at Glebe Cottage today – she is looking forward to having Phil to herself. Jill says Kenton is very upset about the farm sale and says it is up to David to sort it out.
  • Debbie didn’t get the hedging contract. She is annoyed about it until Brian turns up then she makes out it is no big deal.
  • Brian is worried about what he should do for Valentine’s day – if he gets her something nice, she could get upset again but if he ignores it she could be just as hurt. David thinks flowers are quite neutral but Brian isn’t convinced.
  • Marjorie has had the operation and it all went fine, she’s had part of her hip replaced but they will try to get her up tomorrow. Good news.
  • Ruth tells Heather it would be better if Matt had never come up with his offer. It is causing so much trouble. Heather has noticed Jill is not happy with her. She thinks she has been getting in her way and that is the last thing she wants. Jill turns up and she takes the chance to apologise. Jill sounds rather shamefaced.
  • Debbie is still being a pain with Brian. She tells him she will do just about what is necessary but she isn’t prepared to do any more – he can forget all about it. [Sack her Brian!]

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