Kenton blows his chances of moving in with Kathy.

Radio Times: Kathy’s mind is made up.

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  • Marjorie seems still to be doing fine, they will be getting her up today. Hayley is pretty miserable at the way she is being treated by Elizabeth. From what Kathy has heard from Kenton it is a family matter. That’s why she’s asked Kenton to pick up Jamie from school. She doesn’t want to ask Elizabeth for time off.
  • Debbie hasn’t actually cancelled the appointment with the environment adviser – maybe she did want to talk to him about nitrates anyway. They need to keep up to date. The Courts have set a date for the divorce hearing for Debbie. Brian tries to tell her he still cares about her but she doesn’t want to know.
  • Kenton seems to be drowning his sorrows with Kirsty over what he has lost in Australia. He tries to make a half hearted move on her but Kirsty makes it clear he is too old. Debbie turns up to drink with him though. She is fed up too. Kenton prescribes a holiday – they could make it a month in the sun. Debbie thinks it might be a bit irresponsible but settles for the Borchester Cinema.
  • Tom is minding the shop. Kirsty is late. Helen must be glad Greg is back. Brian wonders how he got on. Two weeks is a long time to spend with your ex. Tom thinks he will still pull off the supermarket deal – now he’s had the backing from Peggy. Kirsty finally turns up and Tom is still being very snide about Chaba. Tom makes out he doesn’t care – now he’s got the backing he’s on his way.
  • Hayley has to break the news to Kathy that no one has picked up Jamie from school. The Head Teacher has called. Kathy has to drop everything to go to get him. Meanwhile Kenton and Debbie are talking movies. She enjoyed it. He then notices the time and knows he’s going to be dead meat.
  • Kenton doesn’t even make a good shot at explaining. That he preferred to be off with another woman when he should have been with Jamie – and after he had asked to move in with her. Well he can forget it, she’s had enough.

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