Brian learns that he lost the Estate hedging contract to Eddie and Mike.

Radio Times: Eddie gloats.

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  • Roy is Marjorie’s first visitor at the hospital. She isn’t feeling so bad. She is cross about having the accident but it is so nice to see Roy. She’s managed a few steps. Everyone is being kind but she hates being a nuisance.
  • Brian and Jennifer managed a rather stilted conversation. But Brian does have to report that Alistair was asking if they had spare room for Kenton. They can both agree that neither of them want him! Brian hesitantly asks if Jennifer has any plans for Friday but she brushes him aside. So Brian finally goes for the bouquet option. Eddie turns up to gloat that it was he and Mike who got the Estate hedging contract. Brian is clearly shocked but manages to say well done.
  • Roy in the meantime has found a locket for Hayley for Valentine’s day. Jennifer and Marjorie thinks it is lovely but Jennifer had almost forgotten it was Valentine’s day.
  • Eddie has been practising with his hedger, maybe they can get more work. Should be ten quid an hour easy. Definitely time for a celebration – Eddie and Clarrie are making a foursome with Mike and Betty at the Feathers but it looks as if Ed will be left on his own – Fallon is already booked.
  • Another stilted conversation about Marjorie between Brian and Jennifer. Jennifer tells Brian that she doesn’t want anything for Valentine’s day. Better that they just treat it as a normal day . . .

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