Kirsty is disappointed to learn how soon Chaba goes home – three weeks.

Radio Times: Brian says it with flowers.

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  • Kenton decides its time to pester Jill although he says it’s time to look for a place on his own – he just needs a few grand. He says it’s not money he wants, he should get that from Midsummer Meadow. He’s not asking for much – it would make such a difference to him. He wants Jill to talk to David.
  • Brian is trying to catch the florist van to stop the delivery for Jennifer. It’s hopeless. He just can’t win.
  • Lucy has had her baby. It’s a boy – Matthew Ryan! Sid is pleased with his first grandchild – its just a pity he’s so far away. But he’s keeping Kenton in free drinks to celebrate. Kenton is fed up because Kathy didn’t seem to appreciate her Valentine card – Kenton doesn’t understand why. Brian doesn’t seem any more impressed with the picture of the baby but Sid doesn’t think he will mind him rattling on.
  • Chaba and Kirsty are comparing Valentines – Chaba got four, maybe five but he liked Kirsty’s best. Chaba says he will miss her when he goes, she will have to come and stay with him in Hungary. It comes as a bit of a shock to Kirsty to find out that he is leaving in three weeks.
  • Jennifer’s flowers were delivered while Brian was out. She’s a bit subdued but she does admit they are lovely and thanks Brian.
  • Jill is delivering Pip’s birthday present. She is already very excited. Jill tries to persuade David that even if there is not a legal reason, she thinks they could give Kenton and Elizabeth both a couple of thousand. Jill thinks is only fair. Surely it’s worth it to stop this turning into another family row – worth every penny.

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