David’s goodwill gesture is thrown in his face; Elizabeth plans to consult a solicitor.

Radio Times: David has come up with a proposal.

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  • Although his sister thinks this is not a convenient time for a chat, David has come round with something he thinks is not for discussion on the phone. He has given it more thought and he admits to having his arm twisted by their mother. He cannot offer what they want but, if the sale goes through as planned he offers a share of £2K each for his three siblings. Elizabeth is not impressed. Regardless of the return of Nigel and the children she tells David he can take his £2K and stuff it. She also makes a remark about Ruth which can only inflame the situation.
  • After church, Jennifer encounters Debbie loaded with newspapers and planning a quiet afternoon. She is not sorry that Honeysuckle Cottage has been sold; she has to move on. This is not so easy for Jennifer; Brian is trying but she cannot respond. They are both looking forward to Adam’s return.
  • Ruth is surprised that David is back so soon. David reports his sister’s reaction, lashing out at everyone. They are resolved to go through with the sale and not to let the dispute spoil Pip’s birthday tomorrow.
  • Debbie has been persuaded to stay at Home Farm for lunch and they will all go to Bridge Farm later for Tony’s birthday tea – a real fun day!
  • Elizabeth has still not calmed down, much to Nigel’s alarm; he can see her getting all worked up again which is not good for her. She is determined not to let it lie. Nigel thinks she should have discussed David’s offer with Shula and Kenton and perhaps himself. Elizabeth thinks David had a cheek to offer just £2K; she is going to see a solicitor about it.

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