Elizabeth ploughs a lone furrow; Nigel fears it will lead her to the grave.

Radio Times: Nigel pleads with Elizabeth.

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  • Shula is keen to know what Kenton has arranged for alternative accommodation. His hopes had been pinned on the casino job, so there is now nothing in prospect. Caroline had mentioned a Health Club manager job in Felpersham but is he really qualified for that. Perhaps he should ask Kathy’s advice.
  • Heather confides in Jill that she is planning to go home after half-term; she cannot start depending on Ruth and David, although she will miss them all. Jill confesses that she had not always been as kind to her as she might, a bit snappy at times, but all is forgiven.
  • Elizabeth does not want Kathy interrupted until her lunch break. Kenton confirms that he has not had an offer from David and is furious that she turned it down without reference to him; what was she thinking of. Elizabeth assures him that if they stick together they will get more in the long run. But Kenton does not have a long run. He needs money now and solicitors will take forever. He storms off to find Kathy, lunch break or no.
  • At Pip’s party the debate continues, although Elizabeth is doing her bit not to spoil Pip’s party. Kenton is for taking the money, Elizabeth will not and Shula wants to be left out of it. Pip wonders whether anybody might come to the party.
  • Ruth is glad to see the back of them and was glad her mum was there. Heather announces that she thinks it is time she went home. Ruth was hoping she would join them permanently but that would be a big step; Heather must first start to find a way of living without Ruth’s dad.
  • On the way home Nigel tries hard to persuade Elizabeth to stop all of this. It is not worth risking her life by getting worked up. She does not realise what a wonderful family she has and he wants that for their children. Once solicitors come on the scene they will all lose control. Please, Elizabeth, don’t do this.

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