Elizabeth stops short of litigation but is still not happy. Kenton dreams on.

Radio Times: Kenton is pushing his luck.

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  • David is preparing for lambing; Chaba is keen to help, though he knows little about sheep. He will be glad to go home – in some ways. Bert has accepted his party invitation, but claims that he would not venture into The Bull Upstairs for anyone else! He will give Kirsty her invitation tonight; he will be sad to leave her. David’s phone curtails the conversation. Elizabeth has decided not to go to a solicitor; Nigel has persuaded her although she is still not happy about it.
  • Kenton is desperate to take Kathy for a drink to apologise for neglecting Jamie; she will try to get a baby-sitter. Elizabeth informs him of her decision but she still will not be taking the money. Elizabeth snaps Kathy’s head off then apologises; Kathy declares that she does not know where she stands with Kenton – she and many others!
  • Debbie has dealt with the FWAG man and sent him on his way before Brian arrives. It’s not that he doesn’t trust her. Ah, trust! Debbie used to do that. Maybe she will be interested in the Countryside Stewardship scheme at some time in the future. Maybe, muses Debbie, the future, who knows!
  • In The Bull, Kathy has an hour while Ed looks after Jamie. But it takes much less than that to discover the true motive for Kenton’s invitation: he wants advice on running a Health Club. She gives him advice: get real and look for a job he can actually do. That would narrow the field!
  • In another corner of the pub, David gives Chaba the money for another round and urges him to take his time; Kirsty is serving. Meanwhile Debbie tells him that Adam will be home the week after next. Kenton joins them hoping for at least a pint from his brother (the £2K being off the table). After explaining what a rotten evening he has had, Debbie makes his day: she is a member of the Grey Gables Health Club and will show him round on Thursday. Will that interfere with her work? No problem!

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