Tom has a successful day at the bank but is brought down to earth by his Gran.

Radio Times: Jack reviews his investments.

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  • Jack is worried about his money; he has more than he knows what to do with. should he buy Daphne’s Café? Peggy wonders whether Marjorie is as financially secure, especially if she will need long-term care. She plans to call at Bridge Farm later. It is Tom’s big day; he has a meeting at the bank.
  • Jennifer is pleased with her mother’s well researched piece about St Stephens but what a pity she did not do it on a computer. Things are much the same at Home Farm: Brian trying, Jennifer and Debbie not responding. Debbie announced that she is taking Thursday afternoon off to spend at the Health Club with Kenton (that’s not a good idea!) and Friday morning for shopping with Elizabeth. It’s almost as if she doesn’t care about the farm.
  • In the shop Susan and Betty have to listen to Jack droning on about his money. Susan is also worried about her money: she hasn’t got enough. Maybe if Tom’s sausage deal comes off there will be more work for Neil.
  • The bank liked Tom’s plan; they asked for some adjustments but pronounced it basically sound. They may finance the equipment on a leasing deal. As for the rest of the money, Tom would prefer an overdraft but may have to settle for a fixed loan. Peggy feels that crediting her is not justified; Tony was in a difficult position but is just as excited as Tom. Today Tony has been battling with frozen pipes in the milking parlour. His Gran points out to Tom that, although he is busy, he is also young and it would not kill him to help his father out occasionally. Point taken!

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