Phil’s not leen on Oliver and Kirsty’s not too keen on Tommy.

Radio Times: Graham is thrown.

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  • Alan tells Phil and David that they need a contract herdsman to take responsibility for the milking: not a group of part-timers but a contract herdsman. David is reluctant because it will mean laying of Mike and Neil.
  • Eddie and Tommy have had to stop their cars to make way for the hunt. Eddie takes the opportunity to give Tommy a ribbing about his two girlfriends. “Who are you taking tonight, the brunette with the brains or the blonde with the b…?” (we don’t quite hear what he says but my bet is that it’s pretty coarse.)
  • Graham is chatting with the other huntsfolk while they wait for a fox to be located. He is on a horse with which he is unfamiliar: the proud Marcellus. Phil turns up and, when Oliver the Master of Hounds is mentioned, he pointedly asks Graham how much land he sold him with Grange Farmhouse. Just 10 acres? Graham blusters. Oliver was going to keep a few cattle. Phil is like a ferret, he won’t let go; he says Brian had mentioned 50 acres. Graham doesn’t deny it. Phil, having got to the truth, stomps off muttering about “hobby farmers”. A fox is out in the open, so it’s tally ho! Clearly objecting to being called “Marcie”, Marcellus bolts off in the wrong direction. Graham loses his foothold and, to Eddie’s amusement, comes to rest hanging off the horse a quarter of a mile away. Caroline and Oliver turn up and offer their support. Graham and Oliver get talking about Grange Farm’s “character”. Oliver says Caroline must go round there when he’s got the place sorted out. She says she might take him up on the offer.
  • Tommy’s in The Bull with Graham and Eddie.

    In walks Kirsty.

    Out walk the pair of them and she asks him whether there’s anything between him and Lauren. Did he go to the party with her? Has he been lying to her? This seems to be one eventuality for which Tommy, oddly, has not planned. He can’t think of anything to say other than a hesitant “yes” (with a silent “but”). As she storms off, he pathetically shouts after her: “Kirsty, wait, it’s not what you think!” Hmm.


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