Kirsty finally learns the truth from Fallon

Radio Times: Fallon spills the beans.

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  • Sid and Jolene are reflecting on how things are looking up, when in come Fallon and Edward. They are going off to rehearse their as yet unnamed band. Edward favours the name “The Spiletroshers”. Fallon doesn’t.
  • Ruth is, for some reason, testing Sid’s Christmas lights when in comes David. They are both pleased the chemotherapy is over and they make rather light of the remaining tests. David surprises Ruth with the news that he has arranged a trip for just the two of them to London including the Eye and Smithfield (ever the romantic, eh? – but she seems pleased).
  • Edward and Fallon are practising ear-splittingly. Edward suggests calling the band “Migraine”. Fallon counters with “Dross”. It’s, like, ironic. In fact, Tom suggested it. Edward expresses his disgust at all things Tommy-related and rubs in the fact that Tommy is stringing along two girlfriends. Fallon protests that she couldn’t care less.
  • Sid returns from divorce matters at the solicitors. He is worried about the legal fees if he has to contest the settlement. In comes starving Fallon and we follow her in her search for pizza in the bar. Who should be there but Kirsty sans Tommy. In response to an apparently innocent question from Fallon, the poor sap Kirsty says Tommy’s gone to see a man about some sausages and then she imagines he’ll stay in and watch football on TV. Fallon, in her best caring tone, says she doesn’t like to see Kirsty being messed around. She tells her about Tommy and Lauren, and how he was “practically snogging her” in the Bull, and how he was with her at the party when he went off on bonfire night. Where does she really imagine he is tonight? Everyone knows about it but Kirsty.

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