Daniel gets a Dad and the Brookfield herd gets a break (although Lizzie doesn’t get one from Nigel)

Radio Times: Nigel gets the full story

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  • It’s Daniel’s adoption day and Alistair is doing a spot of father/son bonding with Daniel by the bird table when Phil barges in on the pretext of checking what time they are meeting for the magistrates court adoption hearing. He doesn’t leave without suggesting that Alistair might call the surgery to get the results of the cows’ tests.
  • Nigel discovers Lizzie struggling with a projection screen, a last minute request for which she had received by phone. She labours the point that, had she not been around, the call would not have been answered. Nigel ripostes that he couldn’t answer the call because he had been talking to Lizzie’s consultant who had clearly felt bullied into allowing the postponement. Lizzie had clearly exaggerated the consequences of having the operation. Lizzie, softening, concedes that she may have played up the crisis a bit and promises that she will have the operation next year when things have quietened down.
  • Daniel’s adoption is confirmed in court and the happy family and grandparents adjourn to what appears to be the MacBorset King. A perfect day is rounded off with the news that the cows have tested negative for IVR and BVD, so it all points to nutrition, which isn’t so bad. Everyone drinks a milkshake toast to Daniel Hebden-Lloyd.

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