Elizabeth’s determined to postpone her operation but Nigel’s not finished with her yet

Radio Times: Joe finds a foster home.

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  • A silent “mate” lends Eddie a hand dumping two tons of fresh manure outside the gate of Keeper’s Cottage. Eddie assures Joe that it’s “for the garden”. The strains of Edward’s guitar from the cottage lead Joe into a critique of post-modern rock as compared with pop classics of the past.
  • Eddie tries to flog some of his dung to Lower Loxley but, although Lizzie is pally, Nigel abruptly refuses: they already have a heap of Titcombe’s finest steaming away in the yard.
  • Shula calls in on Peggy to fill her in with the latest on the new Master of Hounds and owner of Grange Farm. Just as Peggy’s attention is distracted by the sight of one of dear Sammy’s hairs on the furniture, Joe arrives to cue and tries to persuade her to have the two kittens that he’s been looking after. Against her better judgment, Peggy takes them.
  • Jill visits Lower Loxley. She and Nigel dole out major dollops of emotional blackmail in an effort to persuade Lizzie to submit herself to the surgeon’s knife forthwith, but she won’t be moved from her decision to postpone the operation. Nigel confides in Jill that he hasn’t finished with her yet.

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