David’s patience is sorely tried by Elizabeth, who calls off her heart operation.

Radio Times: Elizabeth procrastinates.

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  • Jill is happy to look after the twins but not for too long, she and Phil are going out for their anniversary dinner tonight. It was postponed from last night because of changed Mikado plans. Phil had not been clear on all the details of last night’s showdown. Siobhán, who had worried about being accepted, will be heroine of Ambridge at this rate; Elizabeth will ring her later when she has sorted out next week’s conferences – oh, there’s Alistair, she must have a word with him. Nigel confesses to Jill that he doesn’t know what to to with her, she seems bent on thinking about anything but the forthcoming operation.
  • The purpose of Alistair’s call is to tell David the results of the blood tests; as expected the cows have low energy levels. He suggests an interim measure until Alan comes back nest week. Enter Elizabeth. What is Alistair doing here? Why has he called? What are we going to do about it? Is it because of Dad’s grazing scheme? Isn’t David supposed to be king of silage? When is the consultant coming back? Fortunately Nigel takes her away just before David reaches boiling point.
  • Jill is fascinated to hear from Ruth about the sudden upturn in Usha’s love life; after Richard, her self esteem had been pretty low, so she is enjoying all the attention at present. Ruth and Jill are both surprised that Elizabeth is content to be parted from the twins so soon before her operation. David is surprised to hear about the nude calendar but when both wife and mother suggest that he should volunteer, he reckons they have lost their reason.
  • At Lower Loxley Nigel is also amazed by the same revelation and he has no intention of volunteering either. Things are not going well with the conferences; changes have to be made which will generate more work. Beverley is still very poorly; she will be away for at least another week. Elizabeth has decided this is not a good time to have her operation. She has made up her mind; she is calling it off.

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