Lynda encounters someone she cannot bully.

Radio Times: Siobhán holds her own.

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  • Although a non-hunting man, who does not get on with horses, Tim cannot understand how a newcomer to the area can just walk into the position of joint master. Money must be at the root of it; he must have a bob or two if he is buying Grange Farm. Debbie confides that she and Simon had looked at the farm, so had Tim and Siobhán. The two of them are propping up the bar in the Bull because their spouses are occupied with the Mikado rehearsal, Simon showing off in the leading role and Siobhán building the set; she thought she had volunteered just to design it.
  • Siobhán has tried everything, even hammering in time with the music, but Lynda must have quiet. Having said that she would not be rehearsing the principals, she has done just that all evening. So most of the company and all of the stage-hands have had a wasted evening; in a few more minutes they are off to the pub. Meanwhile Siobhán and Hayley confirm what Fallon has heard, that Tom does indeed have two girlfriends, Kirsty and Lauren. Fallon is upset about life in general, mum and her “creepy” boyfriend in particular, so Siobhán recommends a cure for which she will take responsibility: hammering!
  • The predicted showdown with Lynda occurs. Robert has to usher his wife away into the kitchen; it seems that, for once, she has met her match.
  • The throng in the Bull is growing. Janet arrives, shaking from being driven home by Marjorie and in need of a scotch; that is even before she learns that Eddie Grundy has volunteered to pose for the calendar. Hayley arrives and confirms that Roy is also willing. Simon and Siobhán arrive from the showdown at the Mikado rehearsal and she receives the admiration of the assembled company. Although Lynda is formidable, Siobhán is amazed to learn that people usually just sit back and let her walk all over them. Somebody buy the lady a drink!

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