Secrets are popping out: about who has bought Grange Farm and about Tom Archer’s two-timing.

Radio Times: Fallon learns the truth.

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  • Eddie is reclaiming the wilderness which the garden at Keeper’s Cottage has become because Joe aims to get it as good as Tom had it. Neils stops by to confirm Tony’s willingness to lend Eddie the trailer to collect manure for Bert. (What a well-manured garden Bert is going to have!) Neil wonders whether the sale of Grange Farm will put a stop to their clandestine cider-making activities; Eddie has no such worries but fails to talk Neil into poaching mistletoe and holly from Sawyer’s Farm.
  • The new joint master of fox-hounds of the South Borsetshire hunt is on a reconnaissance mission. He is Oliver Stirling and he is pleased to discover that the Brookfield cows will only be grazing for another week. David is pleased to discover who has bought Grange Farm but there is much work to do on the house before the new master can move in.
  • Caroline responds to Sid’s message in time to witness an all too frequent confrontation with Fallon. But down to business. Sid explains his (and Jolene’s) concerns and Caroline repeats her intention not to interfere. He has on occasion let things slide, so she needs to protect her investment with the right to step in. However, she approves of their current initiatives. The deal is struck.
  • Edward has an audience for his high decibel guitar practice at Keeper’s Cottage. Fallon is putting her case to sing with Ed and his mates, if they ever land a gig. After a little Mikado-teasing, Ed assures her that she stands no chance with Tom because he is already running two girlfriends. She cannot believe it.

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