Philip Archer R. I. P.

Radio Times: There’s a sad shock in store for Jill.

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  • Jill and Chris call to take Peggy to the hat museum, and talk excitedly about the latest graffiti on the cricket pavilion and the interviews for the post of clerk to the parish council – a nail-biting contest between Nathan Booth and Jim Lloyd.
  • At Joe’s request, Alan calls on Joe, who offers him the use of their field for his camping venture. Clarrie points out that it’s no use – Alan needs somewhere in the village if he’s to make his point. Cross at losing a business opportunity, Joe’s even crosser when Alan gives him a sponsor form.
  • Eddie arrives in the newly painted van. Clarrie dutifully admires the ferret, but when she sees the front, with her name and the strange picture, she’s a lot less pleased. Eddie’s got to take the van back and have the picture removed.
  • Jill and co spend a happy day giggling at, and trying on, hats, and reminiscing about the old days. They enjoy lunch out, then head back to Glebe Cottage for a cup of tea.
  • Phil’s music is playing as Jill opens the door. While Chris puts the kettle on, Jill goes to tell Phil about their day. But she can’t. Phil is dead.

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