The Archers help each other after Phil’s death.

Radio Times: Ambridge mourns an old friend.

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  • Alan tells the congregation of Phil’s death, knowing most have already heard. He’s pleased to see Shula there, with Jill and Elizabeth. With Lent coming, he unveils his plan to spend nights under canvas and is seeking pitches.
  • Pip offers to help David in the lambing shed. He’s grateful. She asks about her grandad’s dislike of sheep. David says Phil thought them very stupid, which they are when compared to pigs. He recounts Pip’s Christening day; he and Phil had to round up escaped ewes in their Sunday best.
  • Ruth suggests a special birthday meal the evening of Pip’s birthday but Pip’s already being taken out by Jude. Pip suggests Thursday instead, but it’ll have to be an early dinner because of David’s parish council meeting. Ruth suggests offering the farmhouse for the wake and David agrees.
  • Clarrie drops in on Jill. They reminisce about Jethro who died 23 years ago this June. When Elizabeth, who’s staying with Jill, enters the room looking upset, Clarrie takes her leave. Elizabeth’s found an envelope for Jill in Phil’s desk. It’s a card; “To my wife on Valentine’s day, you bring me sunshine every day of my life, all my love, Phil”. They both start sobbing.

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