Kenton’s feeling the pressure of being the oldest Archer male. New stock arrives at Grange Farm.

Radio Times: Kenton finds some displacement activity.

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  • Christine’s accompanying Jill to Borchester to register Phil’s death. Shula offers to come too but Jill’s quite sure they’ll manage. And buying Tony’s birthday card will be a welcome distraction for her.
  • The twelve calving cows and heifers arrive at Grange Farm, with a second lot to follow in the summer to even milk production. Vicky wants to name them straight away, but Ed tactfully puts her off. She insists she wants to be there for the first calving though; it can’t be any worse than her job of staring into people’s mouths, can it.
  • Jill wonders if Chris is up to Thursday’s parish council meeting. Chris insists she is. It’ll be her last meeting as clerk and she wants a ringside seat for the fight for chairman between Lynda and Neil. Besides, Phil would be very cross if she chickened out.
  • Kenton’s keeping busy, despite Kathy’s best efforts. Jaxx’s designer gets shouted at down the phone. Shula arrives to chat. She’s realised Kenton’s now the eldest Archer male and so has he. He’s 51 and running out of chances at success. If he doesn’t make a go of Jaxx he won’t be able to provide for Meriel as college approaches. Shula reassures him; he’s strong and can still count on Kathy and his siblings.

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