Jill’s making funeral arrangements. Alan’s feasting before the fast.

Radio Times: Alan prepares for some time in the wilderness.

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  • Alan’s packing his camping gear. It’s his turn to cook tonight but Usha lets him off saying she’ll sort something. Something turns out to be stuffing him full of pancakes at The Bull; after all, it is a feast day. To offset the calories, he enters the over-40s pancake race.
  • Jill’s expecting Alan. Amongst the cards on the mat is one from Carol and John Tregorran in Bristol. She and Phil had discussed their funerals so she knows what he wanted and he’d prefer Valda, the Penny Hassett organist, to be replaced by Felpersham Cathedral’s Basil Young. Alan’s sure Basil will be honoured. Hymns include “Praise my soul the king of heaven” and “I vow to thee my country” with a reading of 1 Corinthians 13.
  • Jill pops into the Bull after and books the function room for the wake next Tuesday, 23rd. Jolene says they’ll make it really special for her.

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