Helen spoils Tony’s birthday family dinner by unveiling plans to fall pregnant by sperm donor.

Radio Times: Helen drops a bombshell at Bridge Farm.

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  • Jude’s got an evening planned for Pip. Cocktails at Smooth’s and then onto McGinty’s for food. Pip loved her grandad to bits but it’s her birthday and she wants to think about something other than his death, just for one night. Part-way through she’s having a great night and kisses him for being perfect.
  • Alan has to erect his tent in the dark, not the afternoon as planned. Usha’s on hand to help hold a torch but gets very cold. He sends her home after they’ve eaten.
  • Tony and Pat celebrated his birthday with a meal out yesterday. Tonight it’s a family meal in with Tom and Helen, Brenda sends apologies. It’s all going swimmingly. Then Helen announces she has something to tell them all. She wants a baby by donor sperm; it’s the best way. Tony points out the obvious; she doesn’t need one, hasn’t got a boyfriend, and it’ll ruin her life. Most of the meal goes uneaten after Helen walks out, complaining of expecting more encouragement from her family.
  • Tom thinks Helen’s crazy. She’s only thirty and has got years left. He thinks she doesn’t like losing control over Annette and this is to compensate. Tony points out no man will take her on as a single mother and isn’t pleased to hear that, once 18, the child could find out the donor’s identity. Helen needs some sense talking into her! No, insists Pat, that’s exactly what had her storming out earlier. Leave it to Pat.

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