Neil wins the vote for chairman. Banksy-hunting doesn’t get support.

Radio Times: Neil and Lynda go head to head.

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  • David’s trip to the market with a couple of barren cows finds Eddie ready to help on his first day. David broaches Eddie providing cover at Brookfield on the day of the funeral, but it means Eddie couldn’t go himself. Eddie was going to attend, but looking after the farm would just be a different way of paying his respects.
  • Neil arrives whilst David and Eddie are having a tea break. David’s just been remembering how visiting the market with his dad was a treat, and he might get a Coke and a sausage sandwich if he was good. Eddie’s wondering how Usha feels about spending forty nights without Alan, given she’s a “healthy” woman.
  • In the evening, a show of hands for new chairman has Neil trouncing Lynda. Susan later remarks Lynda looked like she was sucking lemons. David suggests approaching Oliver as a co-optee for councillor until the next elections; approved. Christine says the Jim Lloyd came out ahead after the interviews for clerk and she’ll be handing over to him ready for next month’s meeting. The others have arranged a little present for her to be given at the end of the meeting to mark seven years’ service. Lynda dryly observes that good service deserves recognition.
  • Lynda’s agenda item on the pernicious scourge of graffiti sullying the village has Neil ordering more cleaning materials from the council. Lynda’s all for trying to catch the perpetrators but the others aren’t keen on vigilantes. She makes a barbed comment about strong leadership being required.

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