Pat agrees to back Helen’s plan for a baby.

Radio Times: Pat and Helen do some baby talk.

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  • Kirsty had an enjoyable bird watch with Patrick, but they’re just friends. Jill pops into Ambridge Organics for Ceylon tea but they’ve none until today’s delivery. Helen says she drop it in later.
  • Pat’s considering offering Susan dairy work to stop her claiming for unfair dismissal if her hours are cut at the shop. Tony’s forced to finish his lunch in the packing room to avoid telling Helen his thoughts on her mad desire to have a baby. Pat probes Helen’s motives, checks it isn’t just because of Annette’s abortion, and agrees to support Helen in any way she can. Helen’s booked a clinic appointment for early March.
  • Tony’s told by Pat that he and Tom better come onside as it will be a difficult time for Helen and Pat doesn’t want them making it worse.
  • When Helen calls on Jill she’s amazed by the number of cards Jill’s got, and gets a bit weepy reading Phil’s Valentine’s card to Jill. She says Jill was very lucky to have found him and be with him for so long. After she leaves Jill reads her card out loud to Phil as he never got to see it.

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