Mike wins some new customers. Tony can’t win with Helen.

Radio Times: Tony gives Helen a lesson in family values.

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  • Mike is being rather abstemious in The Bull; he is keeping a clear head for drumming up new milk-round customers this afternoon. Brenda will be helping. They are looking for 350 new customers. Tony is heading for a chat with Helen.
  • Among Jill’s many visitors is Nic, who brings biscuits that the children have baked, to cheer her up. Nic recalls how welcoming Jill was when she moved in with Will.
  • Neither Tony nor Helen has changed their position: he thinks it is irresponsible deliberately to bring a child into the world with no known father; she is undaunted by the responsibilities, indeed positively prefers the idea of bringing a child up on her own, without having to compromise. She has given up guys and will rely on herself. Tony would like her to wait, for a year perhaps, but Helen can see no good reason to wait.

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