The Archers prepared for tomorrow’s funeral.

Radio Times: Tensions run high for David and Elizabeth.

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  • Pip’s help with the lambing is much appreciated; her father’s gratitude does not extend to allowing Jude to attend her grandfather’s funeral tomorrow: it is a celebration of his life by friends and family who knew him. Pip clearly didn’t really expect otherwise. David gets a crisis call to go to Lower Loxley, then he will go to the station to meet granny Heather.
  • The crisis is a misprint in the order of service, which David could live with but Elizabeth can’t, though she didn’t want to make a decision on her own. When Kenton arrives, on the same mission, a row is growing surrounding the fact that Freddie and Lily are not coming to the funeral. Kenton fulfils his role as head of the family and calms the situation and they part on good terms. Elizabeth is beginning to worry about reading in church tomorrow.
  • Pip confides to her granny that new boyfriend, Jude, helped her get through the last week. Heather thinks he sounds like a caring young man.
  • His various errands completed, David relieves Eddie in the lambing shed; he will back tomorrow to cover during the funeral. Kenton turns up with a bottle of malt; he thought that the lambing shed would be a good place to toast the old man. Actually Phil only tolerated sheep; he preferred pigs. They reminisce about their father; David has lots of memories about working with him. They agree that tomorrow will be a difficult day and hope it will bring them all some peace.

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