Phoebe leaves in two days; Zofia leaves in two weeks.

Radio Times: Harry waits for news, while Phoebe tries to look on the bright side.

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  • Despite being so busy, Eddie stops to help William round up some errant birds. He has lots of garden work at present and extra milking at Brookfield on Wednesday so that Ruth and David can both go to the Dairy Show in Birmingham.
  • In The Bull, Joe is not impressed with the latest choice of book for the Book Club. He is much more interested in his forthcoming party – a special meeting of the cider club; Clarrie and Freda are doing the catering but Christine has also volunteered to cook something – on Jim’s behalf. Eddie notes that, when the Green Burial Site is operational, Jim may need to organise grave-diggers – an opportunity to earn a few quid perhaps. Harry is rather disappointed that Adam has turned down Zofia’s request to stay on and join the clearing up group; so she will be going home in two weeks. Harry is resolved to save up for a visit to Poland; Jazzer recommends moving on.
  • Phoebe is paying a last visit to Home Farm to say her goodbyes. She is not worried about flying this time but is apprehensive about school; will she fit in? Jennifer assures her that, like Ruairidh, she will. She is also worrying about all the people she is leaving behind and making so sad; Jennifer tells her not to worry; they will all miss her of course but they all have plenty to keep them busy.

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