Pat snaps and Tony admits that it’s time to ask mum for help.

Radio Times: Pip and Spencer enjoy a busman’s holiday. Meanwhile, Tony is spurred into action.

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  • The Archers are out in force at the Dairy Show; Ruth and David drooling over Brown Swiss cows and Spencer, much to Pip’s amusement, is drooling over the milking technological wonders on display. Why doesn’t Brookfield get one? About £300k, that’s why! More relevant, Pip has been talking to someone who advises taking a new look at the milk contract and her parents have heard from a farmer who has taken what they are doing at Brookfield to the next stage – no winter milking at all, to cut right down on feed costs.
  • Another morning on the carrots and Susan’s back is suffering; there is little sympathy from Neil who acknowledges that there is indeed a lot of bending in carrot lifting. When she starts pontificating about Alice and Chris sending their children away to school, Neil puts her in her place. It’s much too soon for that!
  • Tony finds Pat busy bagging up the carrots – in Bridge Farm bags; he points out that they won’t sell and for Pat, close to breaking point, it’s the last straw. She calms down later but a perusal of the accounts does not bring any cheer: they can’t go on much longer like this. Somehow they have to stick their head above the parapet and get back in the marketplace at the proper price. Meanwhile they agree that Tony should talk to his mum about some short-term financial help. He will go tomorrow.

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