Jack has a stroke.

Radio Times: Tony arrives in the nick of time. Meanwhile, there are some tearful goodbyes.

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  • Phoebe is bent on taking almost everything; her case is so full that she has resorted to wearing several layers of clothes but that solution doesn’t pass mum’s critical gaze.
  • Tony calls on his mother, all ready to ask her for a loan, but finds her distressed having just taken a call to tell her that Jack has, it seems, had a stroke. To the hospital! While Peggy consults the consultants, Tony rings Pat with a progress report. The scan will have to wait until tomorrow because Jack is too agitated. Peggy recalled her own stroke experience
  • Last hugs for the Tuckers as the chaperone awaits to escort Phoebe onto the plane. She leaves with a promise to text them on arrival. Roy dissolves in tears; it’s so hard to let go.
  • Tony returns leaving Lilian to look after mum. Of course he hadn’t broached the subject of a loan; how could he? They will have to battle on somehow, though he doesn’t know how.

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