Pip falls out with Jonathan. Annette asks Nic about single-parenting.

Radio Times: Jazzer turns on the charm for Fallon.

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  • Fallon has a great time at Felpersham’s laser wars with Jazzer, despite feeling the oldest present. And she beat him too. They spy Pip, made up to the nines, with friends Darren and Bash. Later Fallon keeps staring as it’s apparent Pip’s very annoyed with Jonathan.
  • Fallon’s got to get back to the Bull to work her shift but suggests to a delighted Jazzer that Tuesday night could be curry night for them at the Star of Bombay. “It’s a date” she says.
  • Pip arrives home to find Ruth looking for the lipstick Pip borrowed. She hands it over to get Mum out of her room, but not before answering Ruth about Jonathan; he didn’t give her a lift home, like normal, because he had to go home. Pip then phones Zoe, who she’s been with all afternoon anyway.
  • Ruth and Nic spot Kirsty with wild-life fan Patrick, fairly tall, sandy blond hair, stubbly beard, but apparently they’re just friends, says Helen. Mia and Jake pester Helen to accompany them to the swings and Annette says she doesn’t mind her walk with Helen being diverted. When there, Annette quizzes Nic in private about how hard it was on her own with the kids. Hard, says Nic, especially living with Mum who’s very controlling.
  • Later, Helen says she finds Mia and Jake easier than the first time she babysat. It surprises her and shows you don’t know if you’re cut out for it unless you try. Perhaps Annette would like to get to know them better? No, you’re the one that’s got the touch, Annette replies.

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