Pip is determined to harangue Matt Crawford for ploughing up a field with skylark nests in it.

Radio Times: Pip takes on the bullies.

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  • Plough Monday at Brookfield is a success. About 30 clergy turn up and David particularly impresses the Archdeacon Rachel Dorsey.
  • Kathy goes back to work but she still doesn’t want Elizabeth and Nigel fussing around her and when she has to discuss the rotas with Elizabeth she makes a point of saying she doesn’t want Elizabeth discussing her private affairs with members of Elizabeth’s family.
  • The conversation with Kathy still upsets Elizabeth and she has Taylor’s solicitor visiting tomorrow to interview her. She is terrified she will say something that makes it worse for Kathy.
  • Pip spots that one of the estate fields has been ploughed up. She is furious. That is the field she did her skylark study in and there were at least 10 nests. David tries to tell that what farming is like and there is no point keeping set aside anymore now the scheme is discontinued. Matt had no right to do it and she is determined to phone him to tell him.

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