Jim has introduced Daniel to gambling.

Radio Times: Jim raises the stakes for Daniel.

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  • Lilian is trying to take some control back over Matt’s life and is still digging to find out about Annabelle. All Matt will say is she an expert in newts. Lilian seems to feel that they are spending rather a lot of time together over a few homeless newts.
  • Jim has been teaching Daniel to play Pontoon – for money! Daniel does very well and Jim is impressed. Shula and Alistair are rather less so. Shula tries to tell Jim she doesn’t want him corrupting Daniel but Jim doesn’t see it like that. Shula is just a killjoy as far as he can tell. He used to play with Alistair when he was a boy and it never did him any harm…. Alistair doesn’t have much more luck persuading Daniel it’s a bad thing. They just hope he goes soon so he can’t influence Daniel any more. Jim really knows how to wind people up.
  • When Daniel tries to return the money to Jim, Jim gives it back – nothing wrong with a Grandpa giving his Grandson a fiver is there? Just don’t tell Shula!

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