Kathy gets some worrying news. Annabelle finds a way round Matt’s worrying news.

Radio Times: Annabelle shows her considerable talents.

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  • Kathy’s in cheerful mood as she does the hoovering. She’s going to take Jamie to buy some new school shoes, then meet one of his friends and go swimming. Kenton suggests bringing them both to Jaxx afterwards.
  • Annabelle rings Matt with some bad news. His ecological impact survey is seriously flawed. Matt’s all for ignoring the rules, paying a fine and making a pile from the development, but Annabelle advises caution. They agree to meet after work for a coffee.
  • Kathy seeks Kenton out, in a state. Her liaison officer rang to tell her that Taylor has got bail, and is staying with his mother in Gloucester. Kenton tries to reassure her; Taylor has to report daily to the police, and is under curfew, so can’t threaten Kathy. Kathy isn’t convinced, though. Kenton reminds her that he’ll be with her every step of the way.
  • Annabelle insists that Matt carry out a proper survey. She points out that ultimately it will put him in a good light with the planners, and then his other major project will stand a much better chance of being passed. Matt admires her keen legal mind, and they order champagne. Annabelle won’t stay, however – she has a dinner date, but none of Matt’s probing will make her reveal any details. They drink to mutual success.
  • Adam and David meet for a drink. Adam enjoyed the Oxford conference, and is sure the biodigester is the way forward. Kenton calls in for a quick drink, and they comment that he hardly ever goes out nowadays. David is hosting a clergy day, to discuss the issues that farmers face. Fortunately Heather has filled the freezer with cakes for them. Adam thinks he’ll come along.

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