Jason and Robert form an alliance. Jim maps out his social life.

Radio Times: Robert finds a new comrade.

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  • It’s time for Heather to go home, and Ruth can’t thank her enough for all she’s done. Heather comments that Jim’s company made the holiday special.
  • Jason and Robert are still sparring. Robert came in after hours to apply a coat of paint, because Jason found his work too slow – but he used the wrong paint, and Jason isn’t best pleased.
  • Shula brings Jim to say goodbye to Heather, and he gives her some flowers to take home. She’s touched, and says she’ll be back soon.
  • Shula has taken on Village hall duties during Chris’ absence, and she wastes no time in bossily accusing Jason of smoking in the hall. But she’s too late; Jim has made derogatory comments about the workmanship, and Jason is quick to come to Robert’s defence. Robert then lies about the cigarette ends to protect Jason. As a result, their relationship enters a more harmonious phase. Over shared smoked salmon sandwiches, Jason offers to buy Robert a pie and a pint tomorrow.
  • Shula tries to raise the subject of Jim’s going home, but he’s not having any. He’s got quite a social life planned for the next week, but, he says, he will tell Shula when he’ll be in for meals.

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