Shula’s martyrdom reaches new heights. Robert’s opinion of Jason plumbs new depths.

Radio Times: Alistair is given cause for optimism.

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  • Alistair heads off to work, leaving Shula to take Jim to the fracture clinic. Jim’s in irate mood, but, as usual, Shula assumes a martyred air instead of giving as good as she gets.
  • Robert and Jason continue not to see eye to eye over Jason’s working practices, but reach some sort of truce.
  • Alistair makes a vet’s call to Brookfield, and has a moan about Jim. Ruth, on the other hand, will miss Heather, who has taken the children into Borchester for a pre-school shop.
  • The consultant is pleased with Jim’s progress, and fits a lighter plaster. Jim remains scornful of the NHS. Shula just hopes he’ll be fit to return home soon.
  • Robert asks Shula about a key to the Village Hall. He wants to check something out while Jason isn’t there.

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