Pip rejects an offer of work. Eddie’s desperate for an offer of work. Noddy gets an offer of work.

Radio Times: Eddie shows his artistic side.

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  • Pip shows Ruth a sample of Jude’s artwork, and tells her mother that Jude has his own house. Pip is clearly very smitten with him, and is horrified when Ruth suggests asking him for a meal. David comes in and asks Pip to help him move the ewes. To their surprise, she agrees.
  • Bert is impressed with Eddie’s new van, and when Eddie comments that he needs to have his name painted onto it, has a suggestion. His friend Noddy does that kind of thing, and will do a cut-price job. Eddie wants Bert to get a price straight away.
  • Eddie asks David again about extra work, but David says flatly he hasn’t anything to offer before lambing – but he does know that they need livestock handlers at the cattle market, and if Eddie’s interested, he’ll put in a word for him.
  • Pat lends Helen a hand in dismantling Annette’s bed. Helen seems cheerful at first, but suddenly reveals that she’d planned the room as a nursery, down to the last detail. Pat’s taken aback, and Helen is on the verge of tears. Sensible Pat suggests switching on the kettle while she goes down to the shop for two Danish pastries.
  • Pip and David move the ewes, and David tries hard to keep the peace. He asks Pip if she’ll be able to help with lambing, and when Pip says she won’t, because of other things going on in her life, the fragile peace is shattered. David says she’s got to do her college work, and isn’t going out with Jude during the week. Pip retorts that she’s the one who’ll organise her work and her social life. Fine, says David, through gritted teeth; Eddie can have the work. Ruth arrives just as Father and daughter are about to declare war, and Pip flounces off. Well, says Ruth, at least they are still speaking.
  • Bert has good news for Eddie; Noddy has a free slot and will do the signwriting on Eddie’s van, but needs to see the design before he can quote for the work. Eddie produces a picture of Clarrie with rays of light streaming from her head. He’s going to have Clarrie, the light of his life, depicted on the van. Hers will be the best-known face in Borsetshire.

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