Ruth and David overdose on parental pride. Kirsty discovers a new interest.

Radio Times: Kirsty gets closer to nature.

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  • Jill tells Ruth her plans for taking Peggy out; she and Chris will take her to an exhibition of hats through the ages. Ruth updates Jill on Pip’s love-life, and remarks that as Pip has opted out of lambing this year, they’ll have to use Josh if they’re to avoid paying Eddie.
  • David is full of pride because Josh has tried to negotiate extra pay for lambing. Ruth smugly remarks that he must have inherited their business acumen.
  • Ambridge Organics has a visitor in the shape of Patrick, a member of the Wildlife Trust, who invites Kirsty to come and see if any Bitterns are on Arkwright Lake. She’s hesitant, but when Helen tells her it’s fine to take a long lunch break, she gladly accepts.
  • There may be no Bitterns, but Kirsty enjoys the lunch Patrick provides, and as he waxes lyrical about Lapwing courtship rituals, decides that maybe birdwatching is for her after all.
  • Jill calls at Ambridge Organics for some flapjack, having left Phil trying on blazers in Underwoods. Helen tries to be positive about Annette’s departure, but when Kirsty returns and remarks that you never know who’ll come into the shop, she finds it hard to smile.

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