Red Nose Day in Ambridge.

Radio Times: Red Nose Day in Ambridge.

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  • Brookfield’s mixer wagon is back (for which David is very grateful). Less gratitude, though, from Eddie. David had told him that there was no other casual work than the lambing, but Phil employed Neil with the pigs and Ruth had Mike helping with the milking. Neither were David’s fault, but Eddie was not pleased.
  • Red Nose Day at The Bull and some of the regulars are proving to have hidden talents. Robert and Neil were received particularly well, but Eddie’s bad day continued as his routine bombed. Hayley, meanwhile, is going down a storm with some observations of her introduction to Ambridge.
  • Sid’s late night is revealed: after coaching the under-15s he went to the gym at the leisure centre, hanging out with the Borchester Rugby Club rather than the leotards who inhabit Grey Gables’ gym!
  • While Hayley’s at the mike, Tommy tries to talk to his Dad about the sausages. When Tommy says that Tony can’t forbid them, he reminds him of their use of the farm’s overheads. Tommy reveals that he and Hayley have signed a partnership agreement – Tony doesn’t think very much of this and is most unamused that Tommy put his name to anything.