Shula has a day out.

Radio Times: Shula has a day out.

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  • Daniel (and Alistair) take Shula for a slightly chilly Mother’s Day picnic by the Am. Daniel’s still being a little horror when in the company of both of them, but a little angel when with only one. Everyone says it’s a phase and he’ll get used to it, but he’s taking his time! Alistair, at the request of his colleagues, plans to take him to work on Friday to assist with the small pet surgery.
  • Tommy is still annoyed at Tony’s unapproving reaction to the news of his and Hayley’s partnership. Tommy stresses that it’s only in relation to the sausages – not the pigs, too. Tommy isn’t too keen on talking about it further though.
  • Pat’s still feeling knocked about by the ‘flu – and is strangely adamant that she doesn’t want to see a doctor – and neither does she want to be around her family while they’re bickering, so she disappears off to bed again.