Rhys learns a lot of Ambridge history. Kenton finds a home for a lot of junk.

Radio Times: The Bull is buzzing with gossip and Kenton is on the move again.

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  • Realising that Jolene has no storage for his treasures, Kenton sets off to persuade his family to store them. Ruth gives him a flat refusal; she and David are trying to clear the barn of junk for the Harvest Supper and certainly have no wish to add Kenton’s junk to their pile.
  • Talking to Mike, Kenton extols the delights of living with Jolene, but admits that he finds Fallon’s presence cramps his style a little. Mike comments that he is missed at Lower Loxley, which gives Kenton an idea.
  • At The Bull, Bert treats Rhys to a very detailed account of Clive’s criminal activities. As David waits with Mike to hear whether he has got the job of managing the green burial site, he finds Rhys’ interest in Clive upsetting, and very firmly tells him that it is gossip and must not be repeated. Far too many of David’s family became Clive’s victims.
  • Kenton calls on Elizabeth to see if she will store his junk. She readily agrees and asks him to stay for a chat. It seems that she is missing him already.

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