Emma feels hard done by. Tony feels very relieved. Peggy feels much more cheerful.

Radio Times: Lilian steps in and Tom shares his vision.

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  • Tom takes Brenda a cup of tea, and asks her whether he should join the Fine Foods Group. Summoning all her business jargon, not to say clichés, Brenda tells Tom he should at least find out about it. There would be strength in numbers.
  • Clarrie rings a sullen Emma to ask if she can call round. When she does, bearing one of Joe’s cabbages, Emma is in habitual poor little me mode. Clarrie points out that Nic has not had things easy, either, but Emma is quick to dismiss that. The only good thing about Nic and Will’s relationship is that it has made life a bit easier for Emma.
  • Elona has done wonders with Peggy’s house, and Lilian is pleased to see Peggy so much brighter. Tom calls with the ingredients for a special dish Elona is making the family to celebrate their move to the 3 The Green. Tom just hopes they will be less noisy than the previous tenant.
  • Tom shows Peggy a clip of the footballing pigs, which she likes. She tells Tom his new product will sell itself. But when he tells Lilian about the £10K that Underwoods are demanding from Bridge Farm, she is appalled.
  • Tony gives Tom a hand, somewhat reluctantly. When Lilian arrives, Tony asks whether the rumour that Matt was seen drinking with Clive is true; it is, though Lilian is not pleased about it. Typically upfront, Lilian demands to know the truth about Underwoods. When Tony tells her, she immediately offers to lend them the money. Tony can scarcely find the words to thank her. Never mind, says Lilian; that is what families are for.

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