Lynda persuades Jim to read a poem in her Christmas concert.

Radio Times: Will and Nic have a heart to heart, and Robert’s artistic efforts are misunderstood.

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  • Pat and Tony go to the harvest festival but Tony is determined to be depressed and instead of being pleased that Lilian has offered them a loan, he is just cross the Jennifer didn’t. Still Tom is feeling positive about his meeting with Underwoods.
  • Jim is enjoying the festivities too but is instantly depressed to hear that James and Leonie will be there. He hasn’t forgiven them for nearly getting him disqualified from the Flower and Produce show. He is spreading the word about restoring the orchard. He thinks it could be a real community project.
  • Will wants a heart to heart with Nic. She has been so straight with him about Andrew, he wants to be the same about Emma. Nic says she isn’t bothered about Emma, that’s all in the past. He worries if Nic thinks that he doesn’t stand up for her enough when Emma is being a pain. But Nic says that’s between her and Emma. She can handle her. Will insists he is over her. He loves Nic and that’s all that matters.
  • Later it turns out that James and Leonie can’t make it so Robert has taken on the role of photographer and Lynda will write it up. They are pretty much as bad, if not worse than James and Leonie. And then Lynda starts to try to bully people into being in her Christmas concert – Christmas round the world. She finally twists Jim’s arm into agreeing to read a poem. Perhaps he will read one in Latin.
  • When they look through Robert’s photos it turns out they are all of Sabrina Thwaite in her attractive clingy outfit! Lynda is less than impressed but Jim thinks it might be the only thing that sells the book!

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