Susan tells Emma that Clive wants to meet George and Keira.

Radio Times: Susan shares her concerns, while Emma is left with a dilemma.

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  • Tom thinks that his meeting with Underwoods went well though Pat doesn’t seem too excited. She explains to Susan that Tom thinks the Bridge Farm brand is over.
  • Clarrie didn’t get another job in the supermarket. She can’t see how she’ll ever get another job. There are so many people younger and more qualified than her. Nic tries to convince her that her reliability and experience will get her through but she feels useless.
  • Nic tells Will the game she plays over Emma – she tries to guess what Emma will find to moan about this time. Emma bets it will be George’s bedtime routine or his bedtime story. When they get there, Emma tries to make out how much better Keira is than Nic’s children and manages to complain about both the bedtime story and the time he went to bed. She even used the exact words Nic used. Will and Emma can’t stop themselves laughing.
  • It’s Susan’s birthday and she is off to see a tribute band. She commiserates with Clarrie about not getting the job and tells her Chris and Alice have had a setback too. She simply doesn’t have time to get the part time job she planned. The course is so full on.
  • Later Susan calls Emma and gives her a shock. Clive wants to meet his great nephew and niece. Neither Susan nor Emma want him to see them but it would mean so much to Ivy. Susan won’t force her but Ivy will be really upset if Emma says no.

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