Ruth and David agree Emma can let Clive meet the children at Rickyard Cottage.

Radio Times: Jim is on a mission and Alice has terrible doubts.

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  • Jim raises the question of the community orchard with Oliver and while he is a little sceptical that it is as great a scheme as Jim suggests, he is prepared to consider it. But it will have to depend on whether Ed can manage his grazing to avoid the cattle being in the orchard while the apples are falling. He’ll have a word. In the meantime, Oliver needs to collect apples for The Bull’s Apple Day Quiz.
  • The yield levels are still way down at Brookfield and they can’t see why. At least the Herefords aren’t doing too badly.
  • Alice brings up again the question of dropping her course and getting a full time job to help out with the cash situation. But Chris is absolutely adamant she shouldn’t. It isn’t logical to give up the course now and get a job when she could get a much better job in a year’s time. Plus she was so excited when she found the course. He loves her and he won’t let her sacrifice that.
  • Ruth visits Emma who tells her that if Clive is going to meet the children she wants it to be at Rickyard so that Ed can be there and David will be nearby. David originally is horrified by the idea but realises it might be the best of a bad job and he agrees – though he’ll be standing in the yard with a shotgun.

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