Debbie gets the okay for the mega dairy on the Estate and Home Farm but Brian is playing fast and loose with Adam.

Radio Times: Tom is fired up with future plans, while Debbie makes her pitch.

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  • Debbie is about to make her Mega Dairy presentation to Borchester Land and is still concerned that Adam doesn’t know though Brian brushes her concerns aside. Debbie gets even more worried when she realises Annabelle knows.
  • Tom comes to find Pat and Tony and has heard from Underwoods that they are going to take his sausages. He tells them it shows that rebranding really works. But Tony and Pat don’t sound convinced.
  • Debbie’s presentation to the board is that there is a good case for the dairy on BL land but it really works best if the Home Farm land is also involved and that’s the option she recommends. Brian and Debbie say, of course, they will need to consult their other partner, Adam but they are sure that won’t be a problem. The Board endorses the plan and Martin seems very keen to work with her. Brian makes sure Debbie will be meeting him tomorrow – at 11.00 o’clock.
  • Pat is depressed by Tom’s success. She and Tony can’t believe how the rebranding has worked with Underwoods. Tom also wants them also to join the Fine Food consortium.
  • After the meeting, Debbie is really keen to tell Adam. Brian puts her off again. She says she knows he is just trying to put telling Adam off until after she has left. Brian denies it and says he will bring it up at the business meeting they have tomorrow anyway. Debbie says she will definitely be there but Brian says she can’t be – it’s at 11.00 o’clock.

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