Adam is less than impressed to hear about the Mega Dairy idea and senses a plot against him.

Radio Times: Adam is not best pleased, while Will offers moral support.

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  • Will is worried about George seeing Clive, but Nic persuades him it’s best to get it over with. Clive won’t mean anything to George. Nic, meanwhile, has to take the kids to Andrew and wishes he would just have a sensible talk with her about what was going on. Will offers again to go with her. Because Will is there, he does seem to be more rational and admits he’s broken up with his girlfriend. Will is immensely smug about it as usual and poor Nic ends up apologising again.
  • Adam is appalled by the dairy scheme and considers it an act of betrayal by Debbie. They throw Brian out of the meeting and talk together. Debbie tries to persuade him to look at the idea sensibly, even though Brian has handled it badly. Adam says maybe they can discuss it but she’ll have to wait until he is calmer first.
  • When they get back together, Adam more calmly explains his concerns – animal welfare and the risk of putting all their eggs in one basket. He also feels she is putting his side of the business at risk. Debbie says though that while they would have to renegotiate their agreement with Brian, she wants to work with him, she always has.
  • Debbie tells Brian and Jennifer that Adam and she have made up but it will take a lot longer for him to forgive Brian. Debbie says they will have to renegotiate the agreement and while Jennifer sees the point Brian is hostile. He thinks Adam will just come round in the end.

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