Jennifer and Tony come to blows over her refusal to offer a loan to Tony.

Radio Times: There is an unwelcome visitor at Rickyard Cottage, and Jennifer hears some home truths.

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  • Tony is being driven mad by Tom. He’s getting such a positive response to his new branded sausages that he is convinced that all Bridge Farm produce should be rebranded. But Tony is going to get some advice from the NFU. David is standing guard over Rickyard with Clive about to pay his visit.
  • Emma and Ed aren’t happy about Clive coming round but they have to put up with it. They can’t understand why he wants to see the kids anyway, he was never interested in Emma and Chris.
  • Jennifer is very proud of Alice for even thinking about giving up her course for Chris. All her children are so loyal – even Kate. Though Brian’s not so sure on that one. Clive has bought presents for the children – a bracelet for Keira and a playstation for George. Somewhere, George has picked up the idea that Clive is a burglar and asks him if he had a black mask. Clive tells him it was that sort of thing but he realises it was very naughty and he wasn’t going to do it again. Clive seems to have picked up a lot of information about things around the village and wants a photo of him with the children. Ed and Emma feel cornered but agree.
  • Jennifer pops round to Bridge Farm to see how they are. Tony says things aren’t as bad as they were – now Lilian has offered to lend them money and Cathy offered her life savings. Everyone has been very generous – in fact the only person who hasn’t been generous is her. Jennifer says she didn’t offer because in the first place it isn’t her money and in the second he has never made any secret of his disapproval of Brian’s method of farming. She blames it all on his incompetence and bad decisions. Tony turns round and says it’s not as if she has never made any bad decisions. In this case it was sheer bad luck. Their family is going under and Jennifer didn’t lift a finger to help.
  • After the meeting Emma is shaking and she is determined Clive will never see the children again.

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