Adam pours out his troubles to Jennifer; Jennifer to Adam; Oliver to Jim.

Radio Times: George’s behaviour causes concern and Adam is feeling aggrieved.

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  • At Casa Nueva, the kids are occupied playing burglars, “like Uncle Clive”; he has made a big impression on George, especially with the gift of a Play Station. Where did the money for that come from – if indeed he bought it.
  • Adam has enjoyed lunch at Home Farm with his mother, who is glad of the company since Brian has spent much of the time in his office on the phone to Debbie. When Adam ventures to ask what they needed to discuss at such length, Brian wouldn’t say. Adam thought that the deal was to keep him informed! Jennifer insists that he can trust Debbie; she does not want to fall out with Adam. Jennifer is still smarting over the hurtful things Tony said to her – about all her failures. Anyway, she couldn’t lend him money: it’s not hers to lend. Indeed not, Adam observes with feeling, Brian calls all the shots where money is concerned.
  • Jim has enjoyed lunch at Grange Farm. Oliver seems grateful for the opportunity to pour out his troubles, principally that it is 6 months since Roy left but there is no sign of Caroline reviewing the situation as promised. Christmas is a’coming, so it’s not a good time to press the matter. Jim plans to invite Christine to The Bull’s Apple Quiz: she is often a bit flat when first back from visiting Peter; also he feels the need to distract her from Clive Horobin’s presence.
  • Jake has already tired of playing burglars. Probably George soon will too. Perhaps Will should talk to Emma?

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