Tom and Adam both need to take the bull by the horns; both have supportive partners.

Radio Times: Ian offers a sympathetic ear, and Tom cannot hide his disappointment.

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  • Tony is also still dwelling on what Jennifer said to him. Pat tries to make light of it.
  • Tom’s contract has come through from Underwoods; he shares the details with Brenda over lunch: the unit price is nowhere near what it used to be and they insist on Tom making a big contribution to the costs of the promotion. He is not looking forward to telling mum and dad.
  • One good thing about having a chef as a partner is that Adam gets wonderful lunches. Adam is worried about being tied to BL. Ian advises that Adam makes his concerns clear to Debbie and Brian. Adam doesn’t think they want to listen. He feels the proposed venture is such a risk. Ian repeats his advice: ring Debbie now. And maybe he should visit a big dairy venture – meet Debbie halfway.
  • Tom gets a frosty reception when he eventually turns up at Bridge Farm and when he explains the Underwoods deal, Tony’s reaction is “I told you so”. It galvanises Tom into action; he tells Brenda later that he will go and see Doug Somerville at Underwoods and make him change his mind.

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